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TrustFile has a new report that simplifies your taxes by showing you exactly where your FBA inventory has been stored.

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) can help you boost sales by making shipment and fulfillment easy—but it can also introduce unexpected tax obligations.

TrustFile can help, with a new report that demystifies FBA shipment and storage patterns. The report shows you exactly where your inventory has been stored, state by state, and it highlights states in which you are not already collecting sales tax. That’s important—because states with FBA centers are getting more aggressive about targeting FBA sellers.

TrustFile makes filing taxes on FBA sales easier. You always know what you owe where, and when it’s due.

TrustFile’s new FBA Inventory Report lets you know:

  • what was fulfilled out of each FBA center
  • what was shipped into each FBA state
  • the tax collected on the sales shipped into each FBA state, or
  • the sales shipped into a state for which tax was not collected

You also get visibility into more than a decade of FBA records—including when you first had inventory shipped into any FBA state and when products were first fulfilled from any center in that state.