Watch the Presentation: Definitive Guide to Sales Tax

Every company has their own way of handling tax, but when it comes to sales tax, we’ve learned a few things in our twelve years of helping companies offload the burden of compliance. Even a sales tax pro can use a refresher course. We brought in Sales Tax Technology expert Aaron Wilson to explain everything you wanted to know about compliance – all wrapped up in a 60-minute info-packed presentation.

Aaron explains:

  • How to access the correct rate across 12,000+ tax jurisdictions in a split second
  • How to determine who’s on the hook for sales tax when using a drop shipper
  • The real difference between sales tax and use tax
  • How to determine which states you owe sales tax in

This is one event you can’t afford to miss! View webinar The Definitive Guide to Sales Tax.

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Duration: One amazing hour!
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About the Speaker

Aaron Wilson, Indirect Tax expert at Avalara
Aaron has over 7 years of progressive experience in State and Local Tax consulting and public accounting as a CPA. Most recently, he managed the Indirect Tax function for a multi-billion dollar e-commerce corporation. His expertise includes Sales and Use Tax, Gross Receipts Tax, Excise Tax, Value Added Tax (VAT), and more.