2017 Thought Leadership Webinar Series

Learn best practices and get sage advice from leading experts on sales tax compliance. Our wide network of presenters will cover everything from audit preparation, new Amazon laws, drop shipping rules, the latest trends in sales tax rules, and more. Sign up for one or attend the whole series!

With the dramatic increase of the sales of services over tangible goods, cash strapped states are looking for more and creative ways to get their share of the revenue.  Knowing which states have taken the approach of taxing more services is important to understand, and a major topic of this webinar.

Knowing what gets taxed and what goes tax free is half the battle. Allow sales tax guru Scott Peterson break down the new rules and demystify an issue that many companies struggle with.

He’ll explain:

  • The multiple methods states use to tax services
  • The different ways states define services
  • Which states have increased their tax bases
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Some states are more complicated to do business in than others. They have more tax rules and exemptions and a host of policies that might seem wacky compared to the rest of the country. Hear our tax expert explain what makes these states unique and why you need to pay special attention to them.

Sales Tax Compliance Expert Scott Peterson will explain:

  • Which states made the list…and why
  • Strategies for doing business in them
  • How to navigate complicated sales tax laws
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 On Demand!
On Demand! – Definitive Guide to Sales Tax
Every company has their own way of handling tax, but when it comes to sales tax, we’ve learned a few things in our twelve years of helping companies offload the burden of compliance. Even a sales tax pro can use a refresher course. We brought in Sales Tax Technology expert Aaron Wilson to explain everything you wanted to know about compliance – all wrapped up in a 60-minute info-packed presentation.

Aaron explains:

  • How to access the correct rate across 12,000+ tax jurisdictions in a split second
  • How to determine who’s on the hook for sales tax when using a drop shipper
  • The real difference between sales tax and use tax
  • How to determine which states you owe sales tax in
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Sales tax filing and reporting rules vary between jurisdictions in major ways. Each state has unique filing schedules, forms, payment thresholds and other administrative requirements that make staying on top of returns challenging. Following a few best practices can help you avoid costly penalties and fines. Join sales tax compliance and tax technology expert John Sallese as he explains:

  • Which part of the returns process is the biggest area of tax risk
  • How to identify whether your business has “nexus’ and should file in multiple states
  • The most common remittance errors
  • What typically happens when you fail to register
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Ever wonder why certain businesses are targeted or the most common types of errors auditors look for? Or more importantly, the impact on your business should the audit outcome not weigh in your favor? This webinar can answer those questions.

Using extensive data acquired from the Texas Department of Revenue and the California Board of Equalization, leading sales tax expert Andrew Johnson of Pesner Johnson & Co. and Avalara uncovered the following:

  • Which four industries are audited the most
  • How many audits conducted out of state
  • Average cost of an audit including penalties, fees, and professional counsel
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You’ve probably heard all about nexus. If not, it’s a pretty simple concept: having enough presence in a state that you need to collect sales tax in that state. What’s not so simple to understand is what determines significant physical presence in other states. Why? Because most states make their own rules and define “presence” differently.Attend the presentation and let SALT expert and former CA State Auditor Steven Cabrera explain the following:

  • Which activities create nexus in most states
  • The difference between Origin-based and Destination-based states
  • When you should review your nexus activities
  • How to create a nexus checklist
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Upcoming Presentations

  • June 22 – Sales Tax Changes: 2017’s Mid Year Update
  • July 5 – Doing Business in Streamlined Sales Tax States
  • July 19 – 10 Sales Tax Rules to Live By