2017 Sales Tax Changes – New Trends, New Rules, New Rates

The new year is always a time of change – and sales tax in 2017 is no exception. Here’s your chance to learn about some of the biggest changes in store for us and find out how you can prepare your business for the new year. Sure, you can do the research yourself. Or you can let us do it for you!

We brought in our resident sales tax experts and compiled an overview of what’s changing at both the State and Federal level for all things sales and use tax.

This report covers:

  • Federal and State-by-State changes that may impact your business
  • The latest update on MFA or “internet sales tax”
  • List of states with new Nexus laws
  • Changes to how products and services are taxed across many industries

Discover what changes will impact your business!

Download the report 2017 Sales Tax Changes.

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